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Salty Snacks

Check out our large selection of specialty snack items offering healthy versions of favorite snacks that have grown so much in popularity: organic, gluten free, low fat, etc. Our product offerings include:
- Crackers
- Chips
- Pretzels
- Bars
- Jerky
- Popcorn
And so much more!


Sweet Treats

Indulge your passangers' sweet tooth with our mouth-watering sweet snack treats! From chocolates to crunchy caramel popcorn, to sweet snack bars, our treats are the perfect addition to your snack menu. Made with the finest ingredients, our treats are guaranteed to please even the most discerning sweet tooth. Contact us today for samples!

Lillie's sausauges.jpg


Intervine's portfolio includes pre-cooked meats that you just reheat and serve. 
Our product offerings include:
- BBQ cuts of meat
- Sous vides meats
- Jerky

One bite and you'll be a fan!

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