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As global citizens, Intervine believes that the green practices we apply in our internal operations, as well as partnerships we have developed, will lead to a healthy and energized workforce and help towards sustaining our planet.


To date, here are some of the changes we have integrated into our business:

  1. We have a large and growing segment of sustainable, organic, and bio-dynamic wine production and packaging.

  2. Our Logistics team methodically consolidates shipments, whenever possible, ensuring more efficient transportation.

  3. We utilize “green” vendors and “green” products in our office.

  4. We’ve streamlined processes to reduce the amount of paper we use completely eliminating paper in much of the work we do.

  5. We recycle and compost office waste to keep as much out of the landfill as possible.

  6. We actively manage our e-waste to ensure it doesn’t go into landfill.


We believe our success in these endeavors contribute to the success of future generations and health of our planet.

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