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ClickEat replaces single-use plastic products with sustainable alternative, through protected design and innovation. Their products are Backyard compostable, PLA biopolymer recyclable and industrially compostable. And they can be CUSTOMIZED!   Their products are microwave and oven save. 
There are wooden cutlery, Bamboo resin cutlery, and corn starch cutlery. 

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Plates, Boxes & Trays, and Cups

Simplo offers wooden trays and plates made from birch & ppoplar wood. They are backyard compostable and microware and oven safe.

We have a wide selection of Ecopack trays and boxes; green solutions for your packaging needs. They are backyard compostable, can be customized and are microwave and oven safe.

Simplo cups are paper with a single layer PLA liner that are PLA biopolymer recyclable and industrially compostable. They can be customized with your brand and are microware and oven safe.


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We offer the entire collection of Simplo's straws. There are various sizes available

Simplo's Wild Straws are made from rye. They are 100% cereal stalk so they are compostable and chemical free. Athte end of their use they can be returned to the ground, avoiding contamination. They stay stong in hot and cold liquids adn are suitable for a variety of uses from stirring your coffee to drinking a milkshake. The straws have HACCP certification which approves the hygiene in the production and distribution processes. 

The Bamboo Straws have the strength and flexibility of traditional plastic while being fully backyard compostable. All the ease of use, none of the downsides!


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