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Intervine manages the full wine programs of several major airlines. We are the only company to manage the full program of a 3-cabin North American Airline. Our full program management service includes:


  • Wine Sourcing

  • Planning, Forecasting, Logistics and Distribution

  • Marketing, Menu Copy and Promotional Support

  • Innovative Flight Training


Our success in saving clients time and money by managing inventories and sourcing award-winning wines have resulted in full program contract renewals


Dynamic Wine Sourcing

Intervine's wine programs have been awarded “Best in Class” honors by Global Traveler and Conde Nast and have received waves of media attention for our customers. We are committed to providing the highest quality wines while meeting the travel industry’s competitive budget requirements. Our credentialed panel tastes thousands of wines annually to ensure the highest quality at the best value.  The result is our ability to provide cohesive wine programs that combine a balance of traditional wines that passengers have come to expect and enjoy along with a selection of exciting new wine styles and appellations that encourage curiosity and reward adventurous palates.


Logistics &

Intervine is a fully-licensed importer, wholesaler and retailer specializing in the unique requirements of the domestic and international travel industry. Our worldwide warehouse distribution network has been created to specifically deliver wine to multiple locations in the most cost effective and time efficient manner.
Our experienced Logistics and Distribution Team manages the delivery of thousands of containers each year to and from every major travel hub in the world. The scale of our international purchasing power allows us to maximize each container and pass on efficiency cost savings to our customers.

In-flight & Onboard Wine Service Training


Intervine’s credentialed wine professionals create wine programs to meet each customer’s needs. Our training seminars build enthusiasm and increase general wine knowledge among in-flight and onboard personnel so they are better prepared to promote their wine programs and in turn increase passenger satisfaction scores. Our training programs can be built to include web-based learning tools that can be accessed at the convenience of our customers.

Marketing & Promotional Support


Intervine provides full marketing support for each wine it selects and places on board airlines and cruise ships. Our communications team designs tasting notes, winery profiles, scores and independent accolades to fully engage passengers in the special qualities of the wines they are being offered.
For our customers and key stakeholders, we provide guided tastings, winemaker appearances, wine education seminars and unique winery tours to promote marketing opportunities.

Public Relations


public relations.jpg

Intervine’s public relations team provides a full portfolio of marketing support to our customers’ wine programs. We are experienced at crafting press releases, placing stories within strategic media outlets and designing onboard menu and magazine content that actively markets our customers’ wine programs.

We understand the requirements and operations of travel industry awards programs and have been awarded national and international honors for our clients.

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